Adventure Tours

The Indian subcontinent offers a full range of thrilling and unique adventures, waiting to be discovered. In Bhutan try fishing in lakes that perfectly reflect the Himalayas or go mountain biking through scenic trails discovering verdant valleys along the way and villages where time had stopped. Enjoy camping under the stars in Nepal after having completed the Annapurna trek and pinch yourself to realize you are not dreaming up the beauty of Nature that surrounds you.

Take the awe-inspiring Everest flight which puts in perspective how insignificant we are compared to the mighty Himalayas. While in India, self-drive your way to the valley of Leh and Ladakh passing through the highest motorable path in the world, or try river rafting the white waters of the mighty Ganges as she makes her way down to the plains. These are just some of the many choices available to you on your next trip to our corner of the world.

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