Mediterranean: The Land of Ecological Treasures

Located at a strategic intersection of Asia, Europe and Africa, Mediterranean Region Mediterranean Basin is marked by the region surrounding the Mediterranean Sea. It is one of the most complex and biologically diverse and rich regions of the world with about 12,000 species exclusive to the region. Tourists, with the varied topography of the region including vast mountains , rocky shoreline, lush forests, sandy beaches, steppes, wetlands and plethora of islands spotted amid the sea, are bound to be awe inspired.

Say the word Mediterranean, and straight away you’ll probably think of sparkling azure seas and long stretches of golden sands bathed in brilliant sunshine. Not a bad image to conjure up and definitely one which will have you longing to pack your bags and be jetting off for a Mediterranean vacation. But it’s much more than blue seas, beaches, and the sun.

The Mediterranean, or the Med as it’s often abbreviated to, defines a group of twenty-one countries. Each country is unique and has its own distinct culture. With so many different destinations to choose from, it’s not easy deciding which is the perfect one for your getaway break.

Bewitching scenery and irresistible tastes add to a dramatic culture you can touch, smell, see and savor in the Mediterranean. Relax beneath the sun on miles of renowned beaches. March into towns steeped in crusader history dotted among scrubland and cliffs plunging into clear water. Stand where legendary Greek mythology inspired and mystified civilization for centuries. Wander pathways through ancient settlements, Roman ruins and Byzantine monasteries. Sail along the Turquoise Coast on a gulette, or walk to the Temple of Artemis at Ephesus, later home to the Virgin Mary and St. John. Go north or south on the Apennine peninsula for rugged coastline and unforgettable views, like the Amalfi Drive near Pompeii. Between the breadth of culture and the natural allure, give in to the charm that has enticed travelers for millennia.

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Destinations in Mediterranean

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