Shopping Tours

The world may be inclining towards online shopping, but the vibrant markets in the Indian subcontinent haven’t lost their charm. In fact, every state in India has its own speciality when it comes to the handicrafts, and artisans sell these at local markets and on the streets—you’ll find beautiful sarees in Varanasi, Rajasthani jewellery in Jaipur, Kalighat paintings in West Bengal, dokra art in Telangana, Madhubani paintings in Bihar, Tanjore paintings in Tamil Nadu, and pashmina in Kashmir. Another place where you can buy pashmina is Nepal. Travellers also get singing bowls, khukuri, rice paper products, and Nepalese masks.

In the neighbouring country of Bhutan, dappa, or wooden bowls, are extraordinarily popular. Other must-buy handicrafts include dzi bead jewellery, thangka paintings, and hand-woven textiles. You can also take back home spices, tea, and coffee from these countries.

Additionally, the cities in the subcontinent have government-run shops and emporiums where you can get different crafts at reasonable rates and all the metros have shopping malls that feature international brands and artists.

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