Festival Journeys

Nobody celebrates festivals better than the people of Indian subcontinent. Festivals are a time when people come together – families, neighbours, communities – to celebrate an auspicious event or a change of season.

Spring typically is the most popular and in Bhutan the Paro Festival celebrates its advent with revelry and dances, some of which are performed by monks; in India, Holi – also known as the Festival of colours – is a fun and vibrant celebration that also marks the beginning of this season, while in Nepal, Dashain celebrates the end of the monsoon with people taking colorful kites to the sky to brighten up grey skies. These are only a few of the hundreds of festivals celebrated in the Indian subcontinent, so the next time you plan a trip be sure to speak to your travel consultant and who knows? You could be playing Holi on the streets in Jaipur.

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