Vibrant waters, warm sands and welcoming people

The South Pacific is a vast expanse of ocean sprinkled with tiny tropical islands and atolls, idyllic palm fringed getaways with powder-soft beaches lapped by cyan waters.

Nations here, such as Fiji and French Polynesia, are made up of remote archipelagos, sometimes comprised of hundreds of islands which are home to warm and welcoming people whose relaxed rhythm of life is impossible not to lay back into.

A collection of fine luxury resorts often combine the joy of doing nothing with fabulous adventure, exploring rugged rainforest interiors and world-class reef diving, fascinating cultural experiences and sublime seafood. There are also private yachts to charter and cruises for those after an opulent island hopping experience.

The South Pacific works fabulously as a vacation destination in itself, especially so for those after something romantic of for the family, and is also an incredible way to end a trip to Australia or New Zealand.

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Destinations in South Pacific

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