Special Interest Tours

Give in to your desires of heart and adopt a fervent approach to travel across Indian sub-continent and let your interests be the driving force behind your travel plans. As an avid traveller, you have every right to take up tours that caters to your curiosities and special interests. Whether you like to take delight in capturing irretrievable moments in the lens or urge to catch the biggest fish in the river, whether you desire to explore the depth of cultural root of Indian sub-continent or dream of traversing through the meandering vineyards, your special interest is the sole way that let you craft a better travelling plan.

We have crafted special tour packages that focus on each travellers special interest. Directing you to choose apt and relative destinations that connect you to your special interests; also arrangements are made carefully to offer a comfortable a convenient voyage. Browse through our handpicked list of special tours and choose for yourself destinations and activities that intrigue you the most.

We want travellers coming to Indian sub-continent to get a comprehensive orientation to the country and the surrounding nations that we operate in. This means, that all the dimensions of travel – food, history, urban life, nature – are taken into consideration when planning a trip. Of the vast experiences that the subcontinent offers, we have chalked out some of the best itineraries that make one dive deeper into the topic. For example, Kerala’s unique food, or sustainable tours are some of the travel ideas that we would love the travellers to experiences.

The special tours break the monotony and the rhythm of expected experiences and throws the traveller, a volley of excellent travel glimpses. Of these, we are particularly proud of the Sustainable Tour that helps us work towards the promise of creating excellent travel itineraries, keeping in mind that the travel foot print should only curb intrusion and add value to the destination instead.

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