Cruise Holidays

Cruise Holidays are the ultimate word in luxury and a favorite with international jet-setters visiting India. Relaxed and pampered are the buzzwords when describing cruise holidays to India. A typical cruise holiday in India is on a luxury vessel or a houseboat that sails at its own gentle rate to some picturesque destinations. On board these luxury liners, guests can enjoy recreational facilities like Ayurveda massages, beauty and health parlors, comfy lounges on deck, fine dining, well-stocked bars before they retire to their luxury cabins for the night.

Strange as it may sound, India has a long history of luxury cruises, as suggested by Ancient history. Due to its relevance as a major trade hub opened sea routes that were traversed by luxury liners way back in the 4th century. In fact, Mumbai and Kochi, India’s 2 biggest seaports, are both on the country’s Arabian Sea coast on the western coastline. Towards the eastern side, Vishakhapatnam is the biggest port. When in Mumbai, most luxury cruises depart from the iconic Gateway of India and continue deep into the Arabian Sea. Some cruises in Goa are also floating casinos that sail into international waters to allow gambling on their floors. No wonder why cruise tours in India are truly exceptional.

Down south, one of the most popular luxury liner, the Oberoi Motor Vessel, sets sail from Alleppey on a 3-night cruise. Especially in Kochi (previously Cochin), there are a number of luxury cruises and houseboats in the staid backwaters of Kochi, Kumarakom and Alleppey that offer the perfect retreat for rest-starved souls. Kochi itself is a 2000-year-old port that sees off hundreds of cruises every day. Thereby offering memorable cruise vacations. Guests can never get enough of its mesmerizing backwaters – a wonderful area of peaceful canals, serene lagoons, expansive lakes and unpredictable rivers that change character with every twist and turn around low barrier islands.

Embark on some of the best cruise ships to curate memories of a lifetime. Savor panoramic views. Marvel at some of the awe-inspiring sunset views of your life. Dance to the exciting tunes, chit-chat with the fellow members onboard and enjoy till your heart’s content.

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