Amankora Hotels & Resorts Bhutan

Amankora, Kingdom of Bhutan
Amankora’s five Lodges are distributed across the country; Paro Lodge is a short drive from Paro International Airport (PBH). Spacious lodges with interiors designed by acclaimed architect Kerry Hill. 365 days of life-changing immersions and personalised guided activities reflecting the seasons and festivals. Holistic and cultural activities from herb-infused hot stone bath at Paro to meditation in Punakha, or an astrology reading in Thimphu. Amankora Punakha features an outdoor pool overlooking the valley

Start your journey
From three-day mountain excursions to multi-stage two-week adventures taking in all five of Aman’s destinations in Bhutan.

At the resorts
Positioned at key locations around the mountain kingdom, Amankora’s Lodges act as gateways to the beauty and culture of the Himalayas.

Amankora Paro Lodge

amankora paro lodge bhutan


Paro Lodge, Amankora – Bhutan
At an elevation of 2,250 metres, Paro Valley makes a beguiling start or an atmospheric end to an Amankora journey. Hidden in thick pine the 24-suites, with walls clad in wood and black steel panelling, contrast rustic elements with contemporary design. Amenities include king-size beds, traditional wood-burning stoves and banquette window-seats, while bathrooms featured terrazzo-clad bathtubs, twin vanities, a separate shower and toilet. Hiking and cycling are arguably the best ways to explore the incredible landscape, and every lodge offers an exhaustive list of options and routes. In addition, guests will be given a ‘top ten’ list of experiences to try in each locality.

– Views from the Dining Room extend to snow-covered Jhomolhari.
– An array of Bhutanese, Western and Indian dishes are served.
– The two-storey spa is surrounded by glistening conifers in the forest.
– Facilities include a glass-walled yoga studio, a sauna and a steam room.
– Enjoy a guided cultural tour of Paro, taking in the major museums, institutions and sights.
– Embark on the 4-hour hike to Tiger’s Nest, the iconic 7th century monastery.

Amankora Thimphu Lodge

amankora thimphu lodge bhutan


Thimphu Lodge, Amankora – Bhutan
Set in the upper reaches of the Motithang area, the 16-Suite Lodge of Amankora Thimphu is built in the style of a traditional dzong fortress. Within reach of the capital’s shops and sights, the lodge remains a secluded retreat from which to explore both all the city has to offer and the wild Himalayan landscape. Amenities include king-size beds, traditional wood-burning stoves and banquette window-seats, while bathrooms feature terrazzo-clad bathtubs, twin vanities, a separate shower and toilet. Hiking and cycling are arguably the best ways to explore the incredible landscape, and every lodge offers an exhaustive list of options and routes. In addition, guests will be given a ‘top ten’ list of experiences to try in each locality.

– The Dining Room offers views of the nearby stream and surrounding forest.
– Soaring ceilings and wood panelled walls complement an outdoor dining deck.
– Spa facilities include three treatments rooms and a steam room.
– Thimphu’s signature treatment is a hot-oil Ayurvedic head massage.
– Take an archery lesson and discover more about Bhutan’s national sport.
– Enjoy a private lecture on Bhutan and Buddhism with the Mynak Rinpoche.

Amankora Gangtey Lodge

amankora gangtey lodge paro


Gangtey Lodge, Amankora – Bhutan
In the little-visited Phobjikha Valley near the village of Gangtey, the eight-Suite Amankora Gangtey is set on a forested knoll with scenic views of the valley floor and the 16th-century Gangtey Goemba monastery. Part of the Black Mountains National Park wildlife reserve, the valley is home each winter to a flock of 300 endangered black-neck cranes. Suite interiors are identical to those of Amankora Thimphu, each enjoying a view across the valley. Amenities include king-size beds, traditional wood-burning stoves and banquette window-seats, while bathrooms feature terrazzo-clad bathtubs, twin vanities, a separate shower and toilet.

– The Dining Room features large family-style dining tables and floor-to ceiling windows.
– Experience a candlelit hot stone bath; a sliding bamboo door reveals a panorama of the valley.
– Spa facilities include two massage rooms and changing areas.
– A library features books on Buddhism, local folklore, textiles and the Himalayas.
– Donate a meal to the monks, join them for evening or morning prayers, or experience a spiritual cleansing ritual.
– Enjoy a Bhutanese meal in a candlelit potato hut, warmed by a bukhari stove and accompanied by folk music and song.

Amankora Punakha Lodge

amankora lodge punakha bhutan


Punakha Lodge, Amankora – Bhutan
Reached by crossing a suspension bridge over the Mo Chhu River covered in prayer flags, Punakha Lodge incorporates a traditional Bhutanese farmhouse built by a former Je Khenpo (chief abbot of Bhutan). Located in a subtropical valley that produces most of the nation’s vegetables, the area is where the Bhutanese royals spend their winters. Eight of the suites are identical in design to those of Amankora Paro, with views across an orange orchard and rice terraces. The four Mo Chhu Suites are situated in a new building, and two feature separate 40m2 living areas. The suites can be combined to offer two 2-bedroom units. All accommodations offer king-size beds, traditional wood-burning stones and banquette window-seats, while bathrooms feature terrazzo-clad bathtubs, twin vanities and a separate shower and toilet.

– An infinity pool provides views over rice terraces.
– Visit the beautiful 17th-century Punakha Dzong, and the 15th-century ‘fertility temple’ Chime Lhakhang.
– Visit the morning market with the chef and take part in a Bhutanese cooking class at the lodge.
– The two-storey spa includes a yoga/meditation room, two treatment rooms, a steam room and changing areas.
– Try a grounding face ritual incorporating rose quartz to facilitate healing and aid rejuvenation.
– An outdoor dining terrace offers views of the valley and rice fields.

Amankora Bumthang Lodge

amankora lodge bumthang bhutan


Bumthang Lodge, Amankora – Bhutan
Bumthang, directly translating as ‘beautiful field’, is home to 29 temples and monasteries, including the ancient Jambay Lhakhang, and is a treasure-trove of Bhutan’s art and painting traditions. The 16-Suite Amankora Bumthang rests adjacent to the Wandichholing Palace, within the town of Jakar in the Choekhor Valley. From here, guests can embark on a multitude of cultural and spiritual experiences, including the unforgettable experience of the 108 butter lamp offering at Taktsang Monastery. Amenities include king-size beds, traditional wood-burning stoves and banquette window-seats, while bathrooms feature terrazzo-clad bathtubs, twin vanities, a separate shower and toilet.

– Shaded by fruit trees, the courtyard provides an alfresco dining venue.
– The interior dining area features a cosy fireplace.
– Lunch on local produce at a nearby farmhouse or tour the Red Panda brewery.
– Zen massage is the signature treatment at Bumthang.
– Features intimate treatment rooms, a steam room and changing areas.
– Cultural and spiritual experiences include visits to monasteries, astrology readings and evening prayers with the monks.

Active Adventures, Bhutan
A kingdom of forests and plains and valleys, dramatic inclines and 7,000-metre peaks, Bhutan is replete with opportunities for high-altitude adventure. Each of Amankora’s five Lodges promises unique wildlife encounters and breathtaking mountain vistas, with hiking and cycling trails to suite every level of ability.

A wilderness world of natural spectacle and vivid colour

Embark on a guided trek across forest trails, cross rope bridges adorned with prayer flags, and follow winding paths clinging to vertiginous Himalayan mountainsides. Encounter yaks grazing on the plains of Gangtey, winter home of the black-necked crane, and discover old-growth rhododendron forests, alive with springtime colours. From short hikes to ancient monasteries to multi-day excursions, camping overnight, the most adventurous way to discover Bhutan is by foot.

Raft the twin rivers of Pho Chu and Mo Chu

Literally translating as ‘Male’ and Female’, the two rivers flow through rocky gorges, pristine plains and terraced fields to meet at Punakha Dzong. Amankora arranges white-water rafting excursions on both, rewarding adventurers with challenging rapids and unforgettable valleys views.

Archery has been an important part of Bhutanese life for millennia

Archery – or ‘Da’ – has been Bhutan’s official for five decades, but the importance of the bow and arrow has been celebrated in the country’s myths for thousands of years. Join the ever-passionate audience at one of the frequent archery tournaments on the festival calendar, or arrange a personal class at Amankora Thimphu and learn how to master the bow.

Chasing the dragon on two wheels

Village-dotted valley roads, winding forest paths and rugged mountain trails provide peerless terrain for cycling adventures and bikes and biking tours are available at all Amankora lodges. Every September, cyclists from around the world gather in Bhutan for the Tour of the Dragon – an intensely challenging 268km mountain-bike race through some of the most dramatic scenery of the Himalayas.

Discover ancient wisdom

Aman travellers have unparalleled access to the Buddhist heritage of Bhutan via monastery visits and guided hikes to ancient temples. Clinging to a near-sheer rock face 900 metres above the valley floor, and reached from Aman Paro, the most celebrated of these is the legendary 7th-century Tiger’s Nest monastery, but each Lodge acts as a gateway to its own spiritual treasures. Explore Punakha Dzong, one of the country’s oldest and most beautiful; the colourful,17th-century Gangtey Goemba; and, near Thimphu, Pangri Zampa, the 16th-century astrology school, and nearby Cheri Goemba.

Explore the Buddha Dordenma, one of the world’s tallest Buddha statues

Not far from Amankora’s Lodge at Thimphu, the towering golden monument was completed in 2015, fulfilling an ancient prophecy. Other eye-opening structures on the Amankora pilgrimage trial include Wangdicholing – summer palace of Bhutan’s earliest kings – beside Aman Bumthang; and, attached to Paro’s imposing Rinpung Dzong, the traditional cantilever bridge, Nyamai Zampa.

Learn mindfulness and mediation from visiting monks

Amankora’s Lodges are all closely interwoven with the everyday life of the neighbouring monasteries, and opportunities abound for monks and guests to interact and learn from each other. At Amankora Bumthang, travellers are invited to join young acolytes of Sey Lhakhang at prayer. Visiting monks frequently lead events, including lectures on Buddhism from the lama Mynak Trulku at Amankora Thimphu, and intimate meditation classes from some of most revered spiritual leaders in Bhutan.

Each year, thousands of endangered black-necked cranes touch down in the Phobjikha Valley for the winter

In November, the return of Bhutan’s beloved bird is celebrated with an exuberant festival of song and dance at Gangtey Goemba. Life in the kingdom infields to the rhythm of such celebrations, with every monastery and temple holding at least one festival, or tsechu, every year. The biggest and most memorable include the events in Paro and Thimphu, which attract thousands of costumed revellers.

Soul and Spirit
Buddhist philosophy touches every corner of the Kingdom of Bhutan, infusing each day with a profound sense of the spiritual and the serene. Amankora gives guests opportunities to tap into Bhutan’s soulful character, through immersive cultural experiences and personal encounters at dzongs, monasteries and other sacred sites.

Wellbeing and Spa
The serenity of the mountain landscape makes Bhutan the ideal destination to refresh and rejuvenate body and mind, with Himalayan plant- and herb-based therapies and traditional wellbeing rituals available in Amankora’s five cedar-scented spas.

Herbal healing and hot-stone baths

Known in Bhutan as khempa, the herb artemisia is a natural analgesic, used as a healing addition to the traditional Himalayan bathing ritual. A short walk from Aman Gangtey, atop a hill above the picturesque Phobjikha Valley, a wooden hut with bamboo doors houses Aman’s Bhutanese hot-stone bath. Soak in candlelight in waters rich in minerals and floating sprigs of khempa, and enjoy a hot apple cider as the sun sets.

Movement and meditation

The Amankora day begins with morning yoga in the spas’ dedicated mountain-view studios. The Lodges also run a programme of yoga-focused wellbeing retreats and monks frequently visit from Bhutan’s monasteries to lead meditation sessions, share their teaching and offer blessings to Lodge guests.

Spa therapies rooted in Himalayan nature and tradition

Each of Amankora’s five Lodges incorporates an Aman Spa, providing a wide range of therapies rooted in the nature and wellness traditions of the Himalayas. Scrubs and massages incorporate Tibetan medicinal practices and wild mountain herbs, and grounding sensory experiences such as prayer-flag and forest bathing are inspired by ancient Buddhist teachings.

Flag and forest therapy

Inspired by ancient Buddhist teachings, grounding sensory experiences give guests an opportunity to pause, focusing only on listening, breathing and feeling. Forest bathing involves take tranquil walks through pristine wilderness, absorbing the forest’s healing ambience. An iconic part of Bhutanese culture for centuries, prayer flags are mounted to encourage happiness and prosperity. The sight and sounds of the colourful flags as they flutter on the mountainside create a focal point for transformative meditation.

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