Dwarika's Resort, Dhulikhel

The Dwarika’s Group has a fabulous new addition, the Dwarika’s Resort, a Nepal wellness resort high up in the hills of Dhulikhel looking over the Kathmandu valley. Centred around Vedic philosophy and Buddhist medicine, the entire resort, from the wellness programmes to the panoramic views from the rooms, puts a strong emphasis on wellbeing. Set into the Dhulikhel hills, the rooms are palatial with floor to ceiling windows leading out onto private balconies with a day bed from which to survey the fantastic views.

Some rooms have separate roof terraces, accessible from a private staircase and during the warmer spring months, days can be spent practising yoga in the glory of the Himalayas. As the resort is set into the hillside, there is a fair amount of walking to get around. However, golf buggies are on hand for those less able (or willing!) to walk the steep paths.

The resort also has a Himalayan rock salt room, chakra chambers, and a crystal house along with all the usual spa facilities. The difference here is that the connection with nature, particularly the Himalayas is paramount, and the wellness programmes reflect the power of the natural beauty that Nepal is so well known for. The luxury does not stop at the facilities; the resort has numerous eateries serving a variety of cuisines to suit differing needs. Mako’s Zen is a minimalist Japanese Zen Buddhist restaurant that plays with the five tastes (hot, sour, sweet, bitter and salty), combines them with the five colours (red, white, black, green and yellow) and the five ways of cooking (raw, boiling, roasting, steaming and frying). Mako’s Zen offers vegetarian cuisine that is light on additives, ensuring a nutritious and disciplined way to honour one’s body.

If, however, after a day of yoga or hiking in the local area, you require something a little more indulgent, Nature’s Flavour Restaurant serves European and Nepali cuisine in a more informal setting, followed by a G&T (with local and imported gin options) in Fusion Bar. Much like its twin in Dwarika’s Hotel in Kathmandu, Fusion is a cosy and comfy bar with board games and roaring fires for winter, and huge windows and sundowner cocktails for summer.

Packages at Dwarika’s Resort range from a purely yoga focussed programme, to Himalayan detox to Revitalisation and Cleansing. However, each programme can be highly personalised with a visit to the inhouse Ayurvedic doctor. A half an hour intro session is included with every stay, but to get the most out of your stay, we would recommend booking into a handful of well-timed sessions that will help monitor your progress.

In true Nepali fashion there are some more eccentric, but simply wonderful activities available which really reflect the well-rounded focus on wellness at Dwarika’s Resort. There is a pottery studio which guests can while away a few hours with a professional potter and relax to the rhythmic spinning of the pottery wheel. There is also an art house which has canvases, paints and ready-drawn mandalas that guests can switch off to the outside world and gently colour in whilst looking out over the Kathmandu valley.

Spending a week here on a fully personalised programme indulging in Ayurvedic treatments, meditation and yoga practices is a divine way to either begin or end a more active trip to Nepal. It is also a stand-alone destination and the programmes can be extended to ensure that you get the most out of your time at this wellness resort.

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