Liberia - Waiting to see you atleast once

Located in West Africa, Liberia is a country that was basically by slaves who had been freed by their colonial masters during the 18th and 19th century. After the colonialists left, the country faced a lot of coups, wars, revolutions and the scars that were left behind by the various wars can be seen when you get to the country. The country has also been under attack from the various diseases especially Ebola although at the moment it is trying to get back on its feet.

Even though Liberia and the people in the country have been through a lot, there is no denying the beauty that is found in the different tourist destinations that are found in the country and some of the places that you should check out while in Liberia.

Things To Note While In Liberia?

There are a lot of things that you should note especially if you are a first time traveler to Liberia but the top things that you should really consider include:
– Never roll your car windows down especially if you are in a crowded place so as to avoid your items from being snatched.
– Avoid travelling at night in order to avoid being robbed at gun point.
– If you are women, it is better if you travel in groups so as to keep safe.

Accommodation Facilities In Liberia?

There are several accommodation facilities that you can try out while in Liberia and these come in three categories that is the basic budget friendly, mid-range and luxurious accommodation facilities and these are found in the different parts of the country. If you are not a fun of hotels, you can try out camping at the different tourist destinations in the country and although it might be cheap, you will need to prepare for the camping experience extensively.

Best Time To Visit Liberia

Liberia is an all year round destination although the best time highly depends on the season and the activities that you would want to carry out while in the country and that is why the best time to visit Liberia is during the dry season which is experienced from November to April although you can visit any time that you feel like traveling.

Liberia is another charm from West Africa safari


Liberia is from years known as a state for freed slaves and it’s a country growing slowly for the tourism sector! Even with decades of political unrest, Liberia is worth dollars in tourism and holidays.

Some of the interesting places to visit include Sopa National Park found south of the capital Monrovia. As liberia’s only wildlife reserve with nests for hundreds of birds, lush rain forests, elephants, short hippos and so much more. Monrovia itself has other attractions such as bustling markets, National museum and Blo Degbo Rock found in Paynesville a village not far from Monrovia.

If you are flying to Liberia for holiday, Roberts International airport (ROB) in Monrovia is the main aiport that handles all traffic in Liberia.

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