Shakti Himalayas

Shakti was conceived to share the rejuvenating effects of remote surroundings with our luxury Himalayas tours in India – to provide privileged access to places far removed from the noise & clutter of the modern world, where space, peace & epic landscapes from the Indian Himalayas provoke the imagination & nourish the soul. In these places of intense beauty & their deep, soothing serenity the traveler can slow down for a while and simply “be”.

Shakti provide luxury Himalayas breaks and Himalayan holidays to the top Indian Himalayas destinations available. Enjoy a secluded trip that isn’t just any holiday, it is a Himalayan holiday, a holiday that will never be forgotten, a tick off your bucket list, as this regions influence on the world is sure to touch anyone’s soul with its captivating sense of freedom & awe.

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