Yeti Lodge, Namche Bazaar

Yeti Mountain Home offers comfortable yet basic rooms in the town of Namche Bazaar. Namche is the largest town in the Khumbu region which is also the region of Sagarmartha (Mount Everest to non-Nepalis!).

Mountaineers flock through Namche as it is only a day’s walk from Lukla, the entry point for the region, as it en route to the most famous peak. All this attention means that Namche Bazaar is the most prosperous settlement in the region and it has a handful of shops and eateries that can provide even the most basic of relief for weary walkers. Boiled wool is a common fabric in Nepal and everything from coasters to coats can be made out of this versatile fibre. Although you may not want to carry the addition of an overcoat or waistcoat on your trek, if you are being assisted by a herd of yaks, the hardy animals may not notice the extra weight!

Tea Houses in the trekking regions of Nepal can often be simple and rather uncomfortable but Yeti Mountain Home offers a warm welcome (much appreciated after a long day of hiking) aided by large fires and cosy blankets. The bedrooms are also equipped with electric blankets (!!) and a thermos of hot boiled water for the early mornings. When the sun sets in the Himalayas the temperature drops like a stone (even in the warmer months) so any additions to help you keep warm feel like a 5-star luxury. Yeti Lodge has 20 rooms with either twin or double beds and a jolly main area where walkers can reconvene for a warming cup of chai and a hearty dinner before getting an early night.

Leaving Namche Bazaar can be an exhausting mission as the route is a seemingly never-ending pathway of steep steps. However, on reaching the summit of Namche you can look back over the town with its signature blue roofs. If your route permits, you will return to Namche on your descent where a warm shower and electric blanket will be waiting for you at Yeti Mountain Home.

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